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name/age/location: mary kate / fifteen / cambridge, ma.
5 favorite bands:
1. underOATH
2. brand new
3. the early november
4. the starting line
5. matchboxromance.thelawrencearms.antiflag.letterkills.falloutboy.sensesfail.
ohh that was really hard, sorry 'bout that. i can't pick, kay?!

4 least favorite bands:
1. lil jon
2. g-unit? haha.
3. uhmm i can't think of any more right now :0/

favorite shoes: basicly any brand of skate shoes, and my hot pink adidas track shoes
bf/gf?: none right now.
do you like the starting line and/or senses fail: yes, i adore both of them!
do you like screeching weasel and/or minor threat: i like minor threat.
favorite drink: diet coke
favorite food: i guess chicken fingers and onion rings with honey mustard since i'm a no-red-meat-veggie.
favorite actor: johnny depp and adam brody [i know i'm kinda cliche. oh well. sorry.]
favorite actress: katherine zeta jones and kate hudson
favorite movie: almost famous, saved, how to deal, thirteen, napolean dynamite
favorite book: why girls are weird and wicked
hawtest muscian: hmm... any kind of musical talent is hot, but ace enders from the early november i guess.
poland springs or dasani: poland springs, dasani was planning on buying a river in haiti for their water but it was also the only water supply for thirteen haitian tribes.
would you be our friend: of course! and i'm already friends with ashley :0) *waves*
why are you the funk: 'cause i like cheese. *shurg* :0)
are you worthy: i hope so :0)
what do you like to do: hang out with my friends and go to shows, sing
do you play an instrument, if so, what?: i own a guitar, but i don't play it well. and i sing.
do you listen to any of the bands on level-plane or trustkill: none really on level-plane, but a few on trustkill : hopesfall, eighteen visions, bleeding through, nora
do you listen to any bands on drive-thru: the early november, the starting line, something corporate, finch, senses fail, home grown, hidden in plain view, some new found glory
do you like the movie "What's eaten Gilbert Grape"?: i haven't seen it :0/
what is your favorite type of ice cream: black raspberry
do you think we're cool?: sure do!
what's your favorite color? hot pink or light green and black
do you like reel big fish? some of their stuff
if you could be anyone else in the world who would you be? uhmm... i'm really not sure :0/ maybe gwen steffani 'cause i love her.

choose one

blink182/boxcarracer and why: i like them both but i'd guess blink since boxcar only came out with one cd.

jackass the show or movie: the show

Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Family Guy: i like both, but i guess aqua teen hunger force

mister rogers or arthur: mister rogers! mmm damn sexy in those sweaters! no really though i loved that show when i was little.

between the buried and me or atreyu: atreyu

cat or dog: dog, i'm semi-alergic to cats :0/

the early november or taking back sunday: hmm toughie, the early november...?

Tell me a joke:
me and my friends read this in an "adult" joke book last night and thought it was the funniest thing ever 'cause it makes no sense at all:
knock knock.
who's there?
aida who?
aida lotta sweets and now i got a tummy ache!



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